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The demolition of such a large centre presents a range of considerations that we are continuing to work through, including the: 

  • Relocation of telecommunications towers to ensure no impact to mobile phone coverage and capacity
  • Safe, continued operation of the Toombul bus interchange 
  • Engagement with key service providers, such as AirTrain, regarding demolition near their infrastructure
  • Appointment of a demolition contractor

As per our demolition approval from Brisbane City Council, local roads, bikeways and footpaths will remain open during the demolition works. The Toombul bus interchange and park ‘n’ ride will remain open and accessible.

Before the commencement of demolition, we will provide near neighbours more information about the demolition program and how potential impacts will be mitigated.


As with any site works, we understand the inconvenience placed on the local community. We are committed to minimising impacts to our neighbours, including reducing noise, dust, and vibration nuisance. Detailed planning will include management plans to ensure the community is considered and impacts are minimised during the demolition program.

Given the extent of the damage, the flood damaged buildings need to be demolished.


Brisbane City Council has approved our application to demolish structures at the flood damaged Toombul centre. This is an important step forward for the regeneration of the site.

With demolition planning progressing, we continue to consider future uses at the site. We recognise the importance of convenient shopping to the local community.